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Red Card Blue Card Game Testimonials           

Please read the following testimonials from parents just like you!  If you have used the Red Card Blue Card Game and want to share your story, we would love to hear about your experience with it! You can easily use the contact page to post your feedback to us. 


A FACEBOOK MOMMY AND BABY GROUP POST:    "I just started the red card blue card game.. Google it. I was very skeptical about it. I have been struggling with my son's behavior since he was a baby. We tried every method of discipline known to man! We just started it before xmas and we haven't been so diligent with it over the chaos of the break but eventhe threat of getting a red card makes him stop to think. I like that it makes them feel in control. I give a warning that behavior needs to change and if it is not then he has to get a red card. So the punishment is always his choice. I say you can choose to change your behavior now or you may choose a red card. And if they go the day without a red they get a blue with a reward on it! I highly recommend this program and it's under $20. L.M-R.   

 EMAILED:    "-Since last 4-5 months, I have used Red Card Blue Card game as a discipline tool to keep my 7 years old daughter’s behavior in check. So far, it has worked as a wonder where a chance of getting a red card brings about a dramatic change in her behavior (positively). Every night I get this question asked, “Do I get a blue card or a red card”? It has made so much of an impact that she talks about this game to her friends at the school. One day, a school friend of hers asked me more about this game. -These experiences make me believe that the game has achieved the positive behavioral goal behind its invention. Cindy, thank you and two big thumbs up to you for -conceptualizing the game. -Cheers,Tushar"   

FROM FACEBOOK:    “I used the Red Card Blue Card game this morning with my eldest son Ben who is 6.  He was talking back to me so i gave him a warning, it continued so he got a red card. He got the no playtime for 1 day. He wasn`t a happy camper but it allowed me to keep my cool and deliver the consequence without a big scene. Thanks Cindy Williams!” M.Grime 

 EMAILED:  Oh my God this works! thank you so much you, after just 5 weeks my husband and I have something resembling peace in our household Susan M 

EMAILED:  As a single dad I was losing my hair, my kid was becoming more and more disobedient. A friend gave me the game as a present, got to say, best present ever. The heartache of parenting has pretty much gone, and I find myself focused on growing a better relationship with my son. Richard  P

EMAILED:  This seems to be working I like what I am seeing Name withheld

EMAILED:  Great tool for parents I like it Name withheld

EMAILED:  Awesome work Cindy, this is so cool, my kids love it Gabrielle