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Frequently Asked Questions 

How quickly can this parenting tool work, how fast is fast?
We tend to see results within the first few weeks, that is how fast this tool can turn around a child's response and attitude and improve challenging and defiant behaviour. 

Are the results permanent?
It uses the best child psychology in the most effective way, so we can proudly
say that the results should have long-lasting results although there is no guarantee for every child, as every child is different. The long-term effects we have seen to date have been successful.

Is this 100% safe?
Yes, if used as instructed. The Red Card Blue Card Game does not accept any liability or take any responsibility for the modification of cards or misuse of cards to be used in an abusive manner. We also advise to review each and every card before playing the game and remove cards that might be an issue in your personal situation (Ex. allergies, breathing problems, anxiety, etc). If there are any questions or concerns about any of the cards, before using the game, please contact us and we'll be happy to help and advise how best to play the game to ensure the safety and enjoyment for all involved!  

Can we use this tool on kids as they begin their terrible 2's time, my child just turned 2?
We would still recommend the minimum age of 3 years of age. 

My son is 16, will this tool work to help improve his behaviour?
This tool is designed for children between the ages of 3 - 8 years old. It will not work on teenagers in its current format. 

Are there extreme cases when this tool will not work? If so what happens then?
In those cases, we have Child Behaviour Consultants on hand to assist. Please contact us and we can refer you to a professional.

I love the game, is there a version for schools and daycare providers?
This version is currently in the design and development stage as the demand for a version that can be used in a professional setting has been tremendous! So we are definitely working hard to make this next version available!