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The simple, stress free, sanity saving way  to survive parenting!

Yelling! Hitting! Biting! Rude! Bullying! Angry words!
Out of control! Defiant! Fighting! Public Tantrums!
Does This Sound Too Familiar?

 Sometimes young children can be a challenge! They begin their quest for independence at an early age and don't always do what we ask or expect them to do.Even simple things like bedtime, dressing & cleaning up toys, can turn into an all out war between adults & children!

As adults, we often make mistakes when trying to teach or discipline a challenging child, which can leave us feeling sad, angry, guilty and frustrated. NO ONE likes to be yelled at, threatened, called names or told they are BAD, and they especially don't like to be hit by someone why do we as adults use these methods to "correct" behaviour? Is this really the right way to teach our children? No, it is absolutely not.  Should we be bribing our youth into better behaviour

by giving them anything they want if they will do what we ask? All positive rewards with no consequences? No, this is also a method that results in poor long term results and an entitled attitude. But what is the answer then?? Where is the REAL HELP for parents?? 

Finally! There is a Real Solution!

And believe it or not, it's a fun and easy-to-play card game that both adults and children LOVE!!!!!!

THE RED CARD BLUE CARD GAME provides the very necessary balance required for effective parenting! Not only is it fun to play, but it also takes the stress of parenting away and puts some of the responsibility in the hands of the child so that they actually understand and learn faster! You will avoid the usual power struggle between adults and children and you will see real results FAST!!!

THIS INCREDIBLE PARENTING TOOL is rapidly changing and helping the lives of struggling families every day! One of the best tools you will ever own through a child's very important formative (Age 3 to Age 8) years! Welcome to the world of simple, stress-free, and sanity saving parenting and the magical transformation of HORNS into HALOS